can we do Vashikaran on Woman?

Vashikaran can be controlled by anyone, whether it is male or female. Captivity on women is as effective as it is on men. If it is not done properly or with full method, then all the hard work goes waste. Instead of getting good results, bad results can also come out.

Therefore, full information should be obtained before doing this. Photo, sweets, clothes, lemon, perfume, hair etc. are used to subdue any woman or girl. All work should be done on behalf of a person trained very carefully. Any slight omission causes the entire work to go haywire. It is also called Mohini Vashikaran Mantra. It is taken to anyone and favored.

Vashikaran mantra-

jai mohini, kamakhya mano vacha mohini vashi vashi kuru swaha.
Amuk namne mam vash kuru swaha

use name in the place of Amuk

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नींव, खनन, भूमि पूजन एवम शिलान्यास मूहूर्त

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