how would in know if someone is under a Vashikaran spell?

how would in know if someone is under a Vashikaran spell?

Vashikaran is a discipline that is not under everyone's control. When someone is under a Vashikaran spell,  person starts thinking about only one thing or about lover, does not feel sleepy, does not feel hungry, starts crying and laughing alone, starts drinking too much alcohol and cigarettes, starts doing strange things .

The same person who believes everything about the family suddenly turns against him. At the slightest thing, the householder starts to get annoyed. These symptoms suggest that Vashikaran spell has been done.

A good girl who goes to college, does her studies diligently and brings good numbers in the examinations, suddenly she does not know what happens that she gets caught in the boy's clutches and runs away from home. The parents write a report to the police but they are surprised when the girl stands by her lover in front of everyone in the police station.

The same happens with boys, in society, the mistakes of boys are not taken so seriously as that of girls. Once the girl makes a mistake, she has to regret it for life.

Ruchika used to study in an engineering college in Delhi. There was a good future, one day Miss call came on the phone and then slowly friendship with someone turned into love. Neither told the parents and ran away from home and got married. Later it was discovered that the boy worked in a shop and earned only 6 thousand.

After marriage, the so-called husband had run away leaving a child in her lap when she regained consciousness. In only 21 years, the girl became the mother of a child and then had to come to her father's house. Thus the career of a promising girl came to an end.
Parents should treat their children with love. The state of young age is such that there is a danger of going astray in it.

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