laddu gopal or bal gopal puja for child

laddu gopal or bal gopal puja for child 
you can get child with some remedies. there is bal gopal puja or laddu gopal puja which can be helpful for getting a child. some couples are normal, there medical reports are normal but still they are not able to see face of child. there are some herbal medicines which are wonderful results. we have solved problems of many couples. if you are childless the do not worry your problem will be solved. laddu gopal or bal gopal puja for child

Worshipping Bal Gopal at home is a practice in most of the Hindu households. It is believed that the deity of the house is one among the family members. Hence the deity has to be taken care in the same way as you would look after a family member. Bal Gopal or Laddu Gopal is the baby form of Lord Krishna. He is considered to be the cutest member of the family. Therefore He is worshipped and taken care like a child of the family in every household.

 if you have Bal Gopal at home, then you must follow all the rules  of Bal Gopal puja properly. This is because Bal Gopal is Lord Krishna Himself and He is supposed to the first member of the family. Baby Krishna Costumes For Bal Gopal puja you have to bathe gopal ji and feed Him like a child. Here are a few rituals we should follow for Laddu Gopal worship at home.Gless Govinda bless everyone and fulfil their wishes. he is very cute.

Bathing  Laddu Gopal ji One must bathe and dress Bal Gopal daily. If daily bathing your deity is not possible then at least once a week. On Ekadashi of every month, Bal Gopal has to be bathed and worshipped.laddu gopal or bal gopal puja for child
Items Required For Bath- The items you must have for Bal Gopal's bath are-Ganga Jal or water from the Ganga river A leaf of Tulsi Sandalwood paste Panchamrita Scented oil Cotton wool or towel Mirror Jewellery Clothes for the deity Flowers Incense sticks Ghee lamp Bhog or food offerings.

Clothing After Laddu Gopal has been bathed with Ganga jal, tulsi leaf, panchamrita, oil and sandalwood, He must be wiped with a clean towel or cotton. Gopal ji should be clothed in new clothes and jewellery.

After dressing up He has to be shown the mirror. Then food and other offerings are made to Him. after vdic puja, nav grah puja ect. lord krishna is worshiped.

kirtan is done by devotes. with pure devotion lord krishna gives blessings to all the devotes.we perform this puja in all over the world like canada, usa, india, australia,spain germany,italy, france, u.a.e. , dubai, brazil, poland ect.

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