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spiritual healing can cure | spiritual healer

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What is spiritual healing ?

Human is bound by hopes. These hopes inspire him to struggle with negative forces at every moment of his life. There are many such moments in life that humans get frustrated. He does not see any ray of light, towards which direction he goes, he sees darkness everywhere. At such a time, he sees only the support of God. On seeing the patient, the doctor tells him that he will  not  recover. At this time, if the family sees a ray of hope, then that is spiritual healing. This is the divine power that is used for the good of mankind with the help of some religious rituals, mental waves and siddha mantras. There is so much power in this healing that it brings anyone back from life to life.

Intensive research conducted by the bhrigupandit.com for over more than 25 years has proved that 86% of problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. Thus these problems can be solved completely only by doing some efforts with remedies in the spiritual dimension. This explains the importance of spiritual healing in solving problems in one’s life.
Energy medicine, energy therapy, energy healing, vibrational medicine, psychic healing, spiritual medicine or spiritual healing are branches of alternative medicine based on a pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results. This idea itself contains several methods: hands-on, hands-off, and distant (or absent) where the patient and healer are in different locations.

Many schools of energy healing exist using many names: for example, biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, contact healing, distant healing, Qi Do, therapeutic touch, Reiki or Qigong.]Spiritual healing occurs largely among practitioners who do not see traditional religious faith as a prerequisite for effecting cures. 

we Want to tell you that spiritual healing can cure any type of disease. we understand this further with an analogy. To maintain good health we need to eat a balanced diet. However when we are ill, we need a supplementary diet over and above the normal diet that will assist us in getting back on track. For example, when we have a common cold we take vitamin C supplements. This is over and above the Vitamin C that is already present in our daily diet due to eating oranges, etc.

So also to have a problem-free life one needs to look after physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. Most people look after only the physical and the psychological aspects. In terms of the spiritual aspect, there is a lack of proper understanding and guidance. Hence most people do not understand the importance of looking after the spiritual aspect of their lives, which is doing regular spiritual practicewww.bhrigupandit.com and applying spiritual healing remedies.

One of the important spiritual root causes of problems in life is destiny, which on an average decides about 65% events in our lives. This means about 65% of problems in our lives are destined. Destiny or destined problems can be overcome only through spiritual practice. Thus apart from doing regular spiritual practice to achieve spiritual growth, one would need to do it also as a preventive as well as curative spiritual healing remedy to alleviate problems due to destiny.

Thus spiritual practice is intrinsic to our life and is the key ingredient to a balanced life as mentioned in the analogy. Even if people did want to do spiritual practice most don’t know what spiritual practice to do or have little understanding of the 6 basic principles of spiritual practice.

When people have low spiritual reserves they are invariably attacked by negative elements in the spiritual realm. This culminates in a person facing a higher number of problems in life. This is the time a person needs to complement their spiritual practice with other spiritual healing remedies. This is akin to the supplementary diet in the analogy.

It is difficult to decide with the help of intellect whether one needs to augment spiritual practice with spiritual healing remedies. Only Saints and people with strong extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense can really say with authority whether a spiritual healing remedy is needed because only they can diagnose whether the problem has a spiritual root cause.
However one can also make a decision based on their intellect if the following are observed:
  • Problems that do not go away despite best of worldly efforts.
  • Chronic or recurrent problems with no apparent cause.
  • Problems affecting many people in a family simultaneously.
  • Problems that exacerbate around new moon and full moon.
  • Problems that are alleviated at least partially when the affected person is exposed to a spiritually positive environment like being in company of Saints.
So in summary it is advisable:
  • To do spiritual practice, a type of spiritual remedy on a daily basis.
  • To complement it further with spiritual healing remedies as in the case of unexplained problems in life or the type of problems that do not go away despite best efforts.
  • Who can be Spiritual Healer - Spiritual Healer can be any human who believes in God who wants to do good for humanity. One who understands that he has the infinite grace of God by which he can overcome the sufferings of the people by praying. A spiritual healer can be made after the initiation of a guru who comes from a guru-disciple tradition. You just have to understand the pain of someone's suffering and try to overcome their suffering.

bhrigupandit advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.
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